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I would advise you to contact the manufacturer of your table and ask about the properties of your table and what maximum weight it can withstand. Usually when you order something on the Internet, the parameters of this thing should be specified there. For example, when I ordered a gaming table for myself, I needed a strong table that would withstand my computer and three monitors along with it. I decided to look at the various tables and their parameters. Then I visited Eureka Ergonomic store and I liked the gaming table there, its parameters were indicated below in its description: height, width, material, the maximum weight it can withstand and the country of origin. Therefore, you can view this parameter on the website where you ordered your table. Good luck friend!
noemiebear a écrit : ven. 9 déc. 2022 10:52 I wan't to make my own gaming desk, however I don't know how to make sure that it won't warp or break. I have an extremely heavy pc which I MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT place on top of my desk, a dual 27 inch monitor setup and i'm planning to play money train 2. How do I make sure that my gaming desk won't warp or break from everything on top of it? Do I need a support beams under the desk that are connected with all the table legs? If so is that all I need to do and can do to make sure that my desk won't warp or break?
I have a similar problem several days ago. I used support beams and now it seems to be ok, and I can use my gaming desk for PC games.
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