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• Step 1: When you choose to download the latest updated drivers and software, go to Epson’s official website and select the suitable file according to your OS.
• Step 2: Note that your downloaded file will always be a Zip file you have to exact files to install it in your windows.
• Step 3: You have to sign in with the administrator’s username and password to download the files.
• Step 4: Go to Start Menu-Windows specific drivers- Maintenance tab, there will be three tabs namely Drivers, Utilities, and Firmware.
• Step 5: Click on the Epson et-3760 driver tab to download it.
• Step 6: The downloaded file will be shown in the Download folder or you can change the path, where exactly the files have to be stored.
• Step 7: Click the .exe file to install the drivers and software in your windows PC.

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