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These procedures and advice aim at helping you to eradicate the infection Awesomehp /
What is this infection ?
Awesomehp is part of PUPs. PUPs (Potentially unwanted program) are programs which, generally, display advertisements and install toolbars. They both install with others softwares which are often free.
They modify browsers settings (homepage and search).
To avoid this, be carfeul during software installation (especially free) and don't install additionals modules by unchecking boxes and/or clicking on "decline". And download softwares at the editor's.
How to remove this infection ?
1/ Use AdwCleaner tool as this.

2/ Use Junkware Removal Tool as this. Its purpose is similar to AdwCleaner, but it probably will find other elements.

3/ Use Malwarebytes' AntiMalware tool as this.

4/ If the problem persists, use Shortcut_Module tool as this.

5/ If the infection is still present, you can reset your browser(s). Here are the tutorials :

- How to reset Google Chrome ?
- How to reset Mozilla Firefox ?
- How to reset Internet Explorer ?

6/ If the infection is always here, you can do a full scan with your antivirus.

7/  If the 6 aboves steps did not resolve your problem, open a new topic in a disinfection forum, as the following : Avast.
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