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Hi guys I'm a 25 year old and id like to share my story about my gaming addiction, I'd like to apologise for the bad grammar and spelling to start as it's not my strong point . This is going to be very long as ive never really told anyone around me this.

I starting playing games when I was very younge, at around 6 years old , my cousin got me into pokemon on her game boy colour .. from the moment I started playing I was hooked. I had alot going on in my life at the time with my parents splitting up and changing schools and bullys and so on and I hated my life but when I turned the game boy on it was such an escape from all the the stuff happening, when I would hear my dad fighting with his new partner I could just turn it on and forget about everything.

As time went on things only got worse in school and at home and I was struggling alot , until a friend introduced me to runescape. This game became everything to me, I was playing 12 hours plus a day at around 12 years old as my mum was barely home and wouldn't care if we went to school or not, I had a older friend in the game that would buy me membership and basically helped guide me through them times, the game was my life and nothing else mattered. So I eventually ended up back with my dad after some time as my mum got evicted from not paying rent , when I got to my dad's he had a proper computer setup and good internet and a stable home, so I continued my gaming , runescape at every waking moment , i would wear the same clothes all week until i was forced to change , had no hygiene whatsoever , got bullied so bad at school but none of it mattered as long as i could game . When i hit 14 my whole life changed and i ended up in the drug game as i later found out i have a addictive personality , weather that came from the gaming or not i dont know, after a few years getting into some trouble and going through what alot of younge males do , i finally got my shit together and got clean and found a job and so on , i thought i had changed my life completely , i came off crack ,pot , alcohole everything you can think of, i was kickboxing 5 times a week 3 hours a day in fighters class, i had a good job a car, everything was going great until my sisters brother told me he played runescape. My addiction for the game came back so fast i didnt realise what happened, i stopped caring for my job, started missing training, got aggressive at home from being tired (staying up late) and so on, i eventually relapsed and ended up back on the drugs for a span of about 3 months to then came back out of the it again and basically restart the whole process again.

After this I never relapsed on hard drugs again but I was never able to manage the gaming. I have been through close to 30 jobs now, I have let my partner and kids down so many times , I always end up back gaming , as soon as i let myself slip before i know it im waking up at 6pm and gaming till the morning avoiding my family . Gaming has ruined my life, more than i can explain or write. Apologise for the horrible story telling and writing , if you made it this far you can probably understand why.

Anyway im 5 days clean now and im hoping i can finally kick the habit, gaming helped me through some horrible times in my life and i have a deep love for games but enough is enough, i hope i can get through this , ive always said gaming wasnt the problem because i never wanted to or realised how bad it was.

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